An Urgent Message from the IRG Founder and President:

  • There are over 500,000 environmental related & preventable illnesses estimated yearly in the United States. We must take collaborative action immediately to help mitigate the negative consequences that we now face...

  • According to The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and The American Lung Association, illnesses such as super bugs including MRSA, food poisoning, and lung disease; (COPD, influenzas, asthma, cancers and tuberculosis) are on the rise in children and immune challenged populations.

 To learn more information about the CDC WellBeing-Health Initiatives, please click on the CDC image


About Integrated Resource Group (IRG) a Minority Business Enterprise


H. Michael Ladd, Founder and President  


Mr. Ladd Leadership Back Ground:

  • More than 38 years of Operational  Strategies, Innovative Products and Solutions Experience 
  • Special Advisor to Government Agencies, Municipalities, Universities/Colleges, School Districts, Healthcare Systems and Clinical Practices, Hotels, Retail, and Food Service/Restaurants
  • Public Health Well-Being  Specialist
  • Occupational Health and Safety Control Solutions Specialist
  • Cost/Risks Containment resulting  in Multi-million $$ outcomes
  • Public Relations Support

IRG has been Collaborating to help solve multiple WellBeing Challenges since 2005

Our Focus: To Customize Integrated-Sustainable WellBeing Outcomes 

We have in the recent past and still do today, strategically collaborate with (Well-Being Solution Providers):  

  • Universities/Colleges 
  • Independent School Districts
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Physicians,/Clinicians 
  • Scientists/PHDs 
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Waste, Water and Hazardous Control SME’s
  • Technology Integrators
  • Business Transformation Intelligence
  • SME/DBE – Diversity and Inclusion Vendors

Our Mission:

•To deliver science based, measurable and Sustainable Well-Being Outcomes (DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP-PROGRESS-EXCELLENCE)

Integrated Resource Group (IRG) provides a menu-style Solutions Platform that enables clients to customize solutions deployment based on priorities and resources 

(financial, human, facilities/residents needs and or space-areas to be treated) 


We Deploy-Environmentally Safest/Highest Performance Level Remediation and Prevention-Management of VOCs/Infection Control (Pollutants Containment/Humidity Control) and Pests Mitigation Support (IPM)  

-Sustainable and Safe IAQ Treatment Systems 

· Commercial-HVAC/Portable-Filtration-Germ Destruction 

· Induct/Portable Ionization,  Comprehensive and Integrated HVAC-Induct and or Portable 24/7 Particulates/Virus/Germ/Bacteria Mitigation and Remediation 

(Out Performs HEPA Filters and or UV in Economics/Safety)

· Environmental Mitigation/Remediation Support

· Environmental Sampling/Testing Support

-Certified Sustainable and Safe Surface, Soil, Water Treatment Systems

· General Purpose and Food Prep Cleaning /Degreasing/Disinfecting 

· Pure Surface Shield 24/7 Sustainable Disinfecting 

· Industrial Strength De-Contamination/Degreasing/Toxic Spills-Residue Drain Clog Mitigation, Hydrocarbon Mitigation and Remediation 

-Sustainable-Safe Decontamination Treatment Systems (Global Government Approved)

· Comprehensive-Customizable Water Filtration-Purification 

-Certified Sustainable and Safe Pests Containment/Plant Preservation-Yield Treatment Systems

· Natural Enzymes Pest Treatment-General IPM-Support Technology (Indoor/Outdoor)


Sustainable-Environmental Treatment Systems-Solutions Benefits:

-Public Health Promotion/Collaboration (Brand Enhancement)

· Patient

· Employee

· Customer-Community

-Risk Management (Litigation, Brand Protection)

· Patient

· Employee

· Customer-Community

-Cost Avoidance

· Productivity

· Insurance

· Morale

-LEED points/achievement of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Objectives


Satisfied Customers include:

Methodist Hospitals, Dallas

Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas/Plano

North Texas Wound-care

Comfort Podiatry

Brentwood Long Term Care

Wheatland Dental 

South Hampton Hospital 

Dallas County Colleges

Duncanville ISD 

Lancaster ISD 

Spanish Trails Hotels 

Major Air Ports​ 




IRG Value Added Operations Solutions (Business WellBeing)

IRG Value Added Electrical Systems (Equipment WellBeing)